Industry Showcase

This year, the organizers of BSN and BHI are proud to present our first industry showcase, highlighting some of the most innovative new products in the market. Being the leading cause for death and disability in many parts of the world including the US, our focus will be Chronic disease management. We invite companies to present novel solutions for chronic disease management including new wearables, apps and software solutions that help patients and clinicians manage conditions such as Diabetes, Heart disease, chronic pain, sleep and neurological disorders.
The showcase will be attended by delegates from both BSN and BHI, giving your products a wide audience including hundreds of experts in Healthcare, AI and wearables. The showcase will consist of short pitches followed by a Q&A and an audience vote for the most innovative product award. We highly encourage companies with promising new products to apply (please fill the form and email to Applications will be reviewed by a committee of experts. Accepted candidates will win a free entrance to the conferences and a chance to be winners of a prestigious award that will be delivered in the award ceremony at the end.

We highly encourage companies with promising new products to apply by February 4, 2018
Application Form