Paper and Poster Awards

Announcing Paper and Poster Awards for BHI & BSN 2018

BHI Best Paper:  “Behavioral Analysis of Turbulent Exhale Flows”
Authors: Choi Min-Hyuung, Shane Transue, Sayed M. Reza & Ann Halbower 

BHI Best Poster: “Inferring Physical Agitation in Dementia Using Smartwatch and Sequential Behavior Models”
Authors: Alam Ridwan, Martha Anderson, Azziza Bankole & John Lach 

BHI Outstanding Achievement for HS Student Poster Session: Material Viscosity Prediction Under Normal Swallowing Conditions via High Resolution Cervical Auscultation
Authors: Adam Moritz, Yassin Khalifa & Ervin Sejdic 

BSN Best Paper: “An Ergonomic Wearable Core Body Temperature Sensor”
Authors: Louis Atallah, Calina Ciuhu, Edwin Bongers, Gerrit J. Noordergraaf, Igor Paulussen, Tom Bloom & Chao Wang 

BSN Best Student Paper: “Promoting Relaxation Using Virtual Reality, Olfactory Interfaces and Wearable EEG”
Authors: Judith A. Fernandez, Robert Richer, Nan Zhao, Bjoern M. Eskofier & Pattie Maes

BSN Best Poster: “Fully-Automated Ventricular Ectopic Beat Classification for Use with Mobile Cardiac Telemetry”
Authors: Michael McRoberts & Benjamin Teplitzky


BSN Best Student Poster:  “An Interactive Exercise Biofeedback Android Application Utilizing a Single Inertial Measurement Unit to Support Joint Replacement Rehabilitation”
Authors: Rob Argent, Antonio Bevilacqua, Ailish Daly, Tahar Kechadi & Brian Caulfield


Industry Showcase Winner

Wellpepper: Mike Van Snellenberg


PhysIQ – Matt Pipke
CSEM – Josef Sola
Kinesis – Barry Greene
PD Neurotechnology – Nickolaos Kostikis

Winning Teams for the Google Data Challenge

Winning Team: BioMIBLab@GT
Team Members: Li Tong, Hang Wu

Winning Team: DIAL ND
Team Members: Louis Faust, Keith Feldman

Other Participants

Team: UFiHeal
Team members: Anis Davoudi, Benjamin Shickel

Team: SAIL
Team Members: Yi Cai, Jianian Zheng and Haotian Jiang

Team: Adrienne Dooley
Team Member: Adrienne Dooley

Team Members: Jiaqi Gong, Benjamin Ghaemmaghami; Renee Mitchell

National Science Foundation (NSF) Travel Awards

Rajesh Amerineni – Southern Illinois University
Sonia Baee – University of Virginia
Adrienne Dooley – Georgia Institute of Technology
Mohsen Imani – University of California, San Diego
Yonggun Lee – University of Texas at San Antonio
Monica Tlachac – Worcester Polytechnic Institute